contact, purchasing, and ordering

If you would like to purchase an existing device, order a custom one, or simply say hello, please use the form below. I will respond as quickly as I can, which is usually by the end of the day.

purchase an existing deviceorder a modified deviceorder a custom devicesay hello

an existing device

Please include the model name and number in the form, as well as your address so that I can calculate the appropriate taxes and shipping.

a custom device and/or modifications

Please have a look at the custom devices page before ordering.

If you have a case or object you’d like me to build a device into, please include both a picture and its dimensions, so I’ll be able to figure out if it will work.


I use Square to handle invoicing, deposits, and payments. So once you’ve submitted your order and I’ve followed up with you, I’ll send you an invoice for the full amount, including applicable taxes and shipping.